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Our aim is to help you and your dog strengthen your bond and help you co-exist in harmony. We use force and fear free, positive reinforcement training to shape the behaviours you want in a fun and exciting way - which makes it more enjoyable for all. 

One to One Training

For a more tailored approach to helping you and your dog co-exist in harmony.  Our 1-1's are designed specifically for you and your dog to overcome any challenges you may be facing. 

Please note we do not deal with extremely aggressive or  anxious dogs and will refer you to a behaviourist, that we work with, if we feel your and your dog may need the additional support. 

Group Classes

Classes are help in small groups of no more than 8 dogs, and work through all the foundation and advanced skills. 

These classes are for puppies and non-reactive dogs who can cope in a group setting.

Socialisation and Stay & Play Sessions

We run special social sessions to enable your dog to play in a controlled environment with other dogs of similar size and energy. This not only helps burn their energy but teaches them about good social etiquette and building confidence with other dogs. These sessions are suitable for non reactive dogs and puppies and are a fun way to watch your dog play and learn about their body language and social skills. 

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